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About Us

ECL is a Chicago-based engineering firm, founded in 1994. ECL is a full service engineering firm, which specializes in: Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Life Safety, and HVAC system design. Since we specialize in all major engineering systems, it is easier for our clients to use ECL for all their engineering needs, eliminating the hassle of working with multiple firms. Our engineers are also licensed in over 20 states, as well as Puerto Rico, allowing us to service clients around the country. Our satisfied customers include both large corporations and small businesses.

Notable Clients

Chase Bank



Kraft General Foods


Reebok International

Old Navy


Ken Williams
ICL Interior Architecture
(312) 944-8575

Brian Taylor
BA Taylor and Associates
(312) 756-0082

Jon Talty
Otis Koglin Wilson
(312) 798-7700

Harry Swihart
(312) 758-7037